GridRabbitTM is an end-to-end hardware and software IoT smart building and room solution.



Hotels can significantly improve energy efficiency and profit from demand response markets through better energy management of guest rooms and common areas.


Office buildings can achieve sizable energy cost savings and generate new revenue from demand response markets through real-time monitoring and control of building loads to reduce waste from unoccupied spaces.


Budget-constrained schools can free up sorely needed cash for instructional needs by reducing consumption in unoccupied classrooms.


Residents can get a home automation solution that can lower utility bills while giving consumers full control of home temperatures, appliances, and lighting from anywhere using their smart phone and computer.




Discover Benefits

GridRabbit is an end–to-end hardware and software IoT Smart Building and Smart Room Solution, enabling:

  • 1

    Automatic HVAC Energy Savings

    By using door lock/door sensor and motion sensors to determine when a room is unoccupied and then setting back the room thermostat to a remote configurable setting
  • 2

    Real-time Light Bulb/TV/Fridge failure detection

    When using the GridRabbit current sensing in-wall-dimmer/switch/outlet, the system will automatically detect when the connected equipment watt usage deviates from the expected usage and alert staff
  • 3

    Visual representation of Sensor data

    The GridRabbit UIs can show real-time sensor data on a 3D View of the client building, Graphs or the Live Stream Tiles (See more in the Web App section)
  • 4

    GridRabbit Battery Storage Solution

    Simple Modular Design
  • 5

    Electrical Vehicle Charger Remote Control

    5 power Levels of control

GridRabbitTM Platform

The Innovative GridRabbit Web App allow the user to control a single or multiple devices with the click of a button.
Rules configuration
It allow the user to configure rules for one or more devices or even based on groups or types of groups
All usage data from each device is kept and can be graphed and analyzed in multiple ways.
Room Floor plans in 3D
The App allows for detailed Room Floor plans to be created and precisely place where each device is located.